There is one bridge, the rainbowbridge and it is a link between Heaven and The earth.

When a domestic animal dying, comes it to an location beyond rainbowbridge.
There is hills and valley with softly grass, there ours loved friends plays along entire days.
There is watercourse with freshly water, loads of food and sunshine as holds them warm.
The old and sick animals becomes young and healthy again,

just like we remembers them in ours dreams.

The animals is happy but they miss someone who have meant very much for them, somebody that become left behind.

Every day they run and plays, until that day comes, then one of them stays up, and looks away in the distance. The eye is looking brighter and the ears sharpen and suddenly he flyes away across the green grass.
His legs runs faster and faster until he reunite with them he loves.
You meet in a embrace that lasts for ever.
Your face becomes kissed over and over again, your hands caresses his head that you have did so many times before and you looks once again in the eyes on your faithful domestic animal that so long been missed in your life, but never in your heart.

Then you cross the rainbowbridge along in order to nevermore separate...

Author unknown

Webbmaster Boris L÷÷w

Copyright © Boris L÷÷w